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Art on Saturdays @ Benalla Art Gallery

Mandala Painting 

Relax, Connect, Create

Saturday 24 June 10.30AM–4:30PM

Learn about Mandalas — Sanskrit for circle— and create a visual expression of your personal story. Whether simple or complex, every Mandala is unique, just as every person is. In a relaxed, safe and supported space, Marie will guide participants step-by-step to create their Mandala.

No prior painting experience is required but please bring an apron to protect your clothing.

This workshop will include a half hour lunch break. BYO lunch or purchase from Munro+Sargeant Café at the Gallery.

Introduction to Mandalas
Relax, Connect, Create.

Learn about Mandalas and create your own exquisite art piece for yourself or as a gift. You will receive individual instruction in a relaxed, safe and supported space.

The Mandala (Sanskrit for circle) process is absorbing. It is like a meditation and results in a beautiful artwork that tells your personal story. Every Mandala is unique.

Date:    Saturday  20th May.   9.30am - 4.00pm


Introduction to Gelli Printing

Relax, Connect, Create.


Learn about Gelli Prints and create your own folio of monotype prints using a range of materials and techniques.You will receive individual instruction in the relaxed, safe and supported space of Marie Salinger's studio at Mayday Hills in Beechworth, Victoria.

Saturday 22nd April, 2023.   10.00am till 4.00pm

Circle In Retreat

Join Emma Hamill and Marie Salinger for a weekend of mindfulness and deep connection as we work with guided meditations, yoga and an art based journey inwards to create our own mandalas over the course of the weekend.

Friday from 5pm on 17th March  to 2pm Sunday 19th March, 2023.

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