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Practicing as a full time visual artist since 2018 I have established a studio at Mayday Hills in Beechworth, Victoria, Australia. I work in a wide range of visual media including painting, photography, drawing, mixed media, printmaking, and sculpture. I love exploring new media and techniques and enthusiastically participate in learning with and from my fellow artists both in person and on-line. My art is heavily influenced by my love of nature and I am very grateful to live in such a beautiful place as North East Victoria. I also love architecture and am always happy exploring cities on foot with my camera for company. My work has been exhibited in Darwin, Melbourne and Beechworth and I am an active member of the Mayday Hills Arts Society.

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My Story

My art practice is deeply contemplative, allowing space and time to investigate the natural world with a keen interest in what lies hidden or out of sight such as the organic marks created by scribbly gum moths under the bark of gum trees. Working intuitively I respond to the ebb and flow of my life deeply influenced by the Beechworth Gorge, Stanley Forest and the diverse and historic gardens at Mayday Hills where my studio is situated. My work echoes the organic qualities of nature and explores the notion of transience, liminal spaces and the interconnectedness of all life forms. The artworks incorporate layers of collaged mono prints overlaid with ink and textural areas of paint inviting the viewer to be still and to contemplate what might be just below the surface.


Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in purchasing an artwork, attending a workshop or if you have any questions.

Mayday Hills, Kurrajong Cresent, Beechworth, Victoria, 3747


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